Postmarks based on traditional Russian embroidery for Ornamika

The goal of this project was to make a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Russian ornament from Ornamika’s database that would reference the original on multiple levels but present it in a fresh and modern way. The design was also meant to represent the region where the original ornament was found.

My interpretation is a set of postage stamps representing the Arkhangelsk region made from characters and ornamental elements of the 19th-century embroidery piece that was my original image. Due to the geographical nature of stamps, it seemed like the most fitting format for representing a region and because of my chosen deconstruction approach, the individual characters form a set of minimalistic icons that could be potentially used for branding or other purposes, still clearly representing the culture of the Russian North.

Deconstructing the original image

The order in which the elements are arranged on the sheet of stamps closely references the layout of the original image.

The 18 elements chosen for the stamps:

Rough drafts for the whole set

Final set of icons

The work has been published on the client’s website and social media channels.